Web Gallery: Brian Felsen


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Smarts Gallery was proud to feature the work of Brian Felsen in its opening show, Cognitive Being.

“Throughout my work, I introduce new concepts and techniques to show how the experience of consciousness emerges from the clamor of competing voices within the parliamentary chamber of the mind - in the same way it does between the "voices" of two people in a marriage or an artistic collaboration.”


Practicing the Difficult Cadenza

10 Have a Snack, 20 GOTO 10

Concentrating On My Writing

Living In Luxury

When I Paint My Masterpiece

What Time Will Dinner Be Ready

Helping Each Other With Our Projects

The Artistic Life

The End Of The Day

Ridgemont High (Living in Stereo)

Telling Him What Happened

The Rehearsal

In Front of Houseguests

In Conversation (Echoic Memory)

Wedding Ceremony (Can You Trust His Recommendations)

The Task of Promoting Her CD

Reaching Ted Williams

Reading Life

Sleeping 1959

At The Piano

Watch the Baby While I Shave