Cognitive Being


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In the Spring of 2005 we had a Call for Entries. Ten artists and designers were selected to show their work from a total of nearly 150 entries. It is our pleasure to present the work of these and other artists from our community in this series of shows.

The first show of the series is entitled Cognitive Being, and features the work of Brian Felsen and Hyunsuk Kim, two artists whose artwork is driven by their cognitive interpretation of the world around them. The artists convey the complex and dynamic nature of the human mind through contemporary digital media, music, and interactive drama. The work of these two very different artists evokes new vocabularies that are strikingly multilayered and rich.

The show was on view from October 21 through November 5, 2005.

brian felsen

hyunsuk kim

We'd like to extend special thanks to our writer Lauran Bonilla who interviewed the artists for this show.